Charlotte Köhler Sculptress



After a year studying in England, I fell in with a group of students in France, in the mediterranean city of Cannes to be exact, where I learned about modern art under the auspices of Professor Dissat. An invitation to join a group of young people travelling to Long Beach, California followed; after all, this was the sixties.
Everything became possible in the 'Summer of Love' provided it was new and modern!

I returned to The Netherlands two years later, sick to death of modern art and plastic, and all that went with them. It was time for me to acquire some real craft skills. It was time to return to Academia.







I spent the next three years studying with Ruud Wackers in Amsterdam. The method was completely traditional, but his approach was a revelation to me.
Finally I had found a home! Modelling in wax and casting in bronze. And then, my real speciality began to emerge, my 'thing' for faces.



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