Charlotte Köhler Sculptress


It all began when I was four years old and went with my sister to the Montessori School in Amsterdam, now known as the Anne Frank School.
I can still picture the headmistress Miss Cuperus, with her tightly-rolled bun, a nice white blouse and a knee length skirt. You could glimpse her bloomers under it sometimes. And yet the mood was still very Montessori.
Under her stern tutelage we were to excel at whatever we could excel at. And by the age of six I already knew that I wanted to be a sculptress.


I had to make a number of difficult choices. Bearing the family name, and named after my aunt, the famous theatrical actress, I might have ended up at stage school. However I opted for the school of craft and design at The Concertgebouw, which later became the Rietveld Academie.
I never completed my formal studies. Life is full of surprises!
And distractions.

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